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Sexual Position of the Week – Lesson 2

This weeks Sexual Position is The “pleasuring her with my Mouskatool” pose.

Kindly note this pose will only work if you have (a) bendy joints, (b) do lots of Pilates (like me!) or (c) have been drinking shit loads and therefore lost all feeling in your body.

Again, outfits are optional.

Sexual position of the week – Lesson 1

I’ve decided to do a weekly post on Sexual Positions for all of you wanting to add some spice to your lives.  I’ll work my way through the Kama Sutra using, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, considered sacrilege by my Daughter whose a HUGE fan of the Mouses…but not to worry, I used Milton Wipes to clean them after.  Outfits are optional.

I don’t think step-by-step instructions will be necessary but feel free to email if you need anything explained.

The “I’m pleasuring him with my nose” pose.