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My 2nd month in Hong Kong



Not good.

See my 1st month and multiply that by 100.

Am homesick.  

Looking at websites for Alcoholics Anonymous and found meetings in Stanley & Central. No one ever answers their phones though which I find very odd!! How am I supposed to attend a meeting when no ones there?!?!   Especially as they have “Bible Group” meetings in the same hall. SHIIIIT SHIT SHIT SH!

Also looking into possible marriage counseling due to my drinking (which is really not my fault when you think about it).

On a separate note, I’ve noticed there are a large number of French people here. LOADS. Its not a bad thing, but Ive never noticed so many Frenchies around before (i should really cut out the day time drinking if Im going to be aware of these things).  Ive actually started swearing in French too but apparently got the grammar wrong (or so my 10 month old daughter tells me….my son was too busy mixing Mummy cocktails to notice).

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