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Amy Winehouse found dead at home


Ordinarily I don’t feel compelled to write while away on holiday (unless I’m being tortured on a huge family trip to Thailand or Bali) but I wanted to write a brief post saying how gutted I am to hear Amy Winehouse died today at her Camden home (just up the road from me in North London).  She was 27 and is now being classed in the “27 Club “of famous musicians who all died at the same age… Jimi Hendrix, Curt Kobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison …the list goes on.  It’s such a damn shame when sometimes, despite all of life’s attempts to save you, there is just no help to be given (or taken) when you have such a strong addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, painkillers…whatever.

Winehouse’s debut album Frank in 2003, followed by her Back to Black album in 2006 (one of my all time favourites), gained her numerous Grammys two years later and firmly established her in the world of Music.   I’ll always remember watching her sing Live at the Ascot Races many years ago (early 2004), before she became a huge Star, and thinking, “Wow, that girls amazing!”.

People should now simply focus on her music and less on how her life has panned out over the last couple of years.  Many may not be surprised about her sudden death, especially following her performance in Belgrade last month, which I guess prompted her to cancel her 12-leg European Tour until further notice.  I, however, was certainly shocked and saddened this evening while watching the News.  I always thought Winehouse would eventually turn it all around.

She was an incredible Singer/Songwriter and her amazing talent will live on in her soulful music always.  RIP Amy.