My three children under the age of seven are off for what feels like an eternity.

I miss the school run.

I miss the Teachers.

I miss being able to eat without indigestion and a Renee tablet.

I think boarding schools are being judged too harshly.

I am not sure how any Teacher on the planet “chooses” to do a job like theirs daily, without some form of “medicinal help”/alcohol.

I have nothing else to say…


Pps. Lovely weather we’ve had in London though? On and off…rain, sun, freezing, 27 degrees (and this was all on Monday)…

ppps. I’ll write properly soon…lots to report. Realised this morning, I need to get writing….it’s how I breathe.

About Fruitlessbloom

Rock n Roll meets Martha Stewart (pre prison) ...on Red Bull. I am, actually, an easy going, happy girl, with 3 children, hugely educated, hugely unaffected, no malice towards my past life (I grew up in a very different household), not comfortable in religious groups (modern, reform, or otherwise), and yet still....still (!!!?0 a believer). One day, I'll finally meet someone.... open, sweet, sensual, attractive, and loving (they must love my entire crew. first. Then, me. Im a Mum, plus 3 ....) I'm a package and then some... the "then some" are non negotiable. and also amazing. Me? I'm actually already disillusioned. My life wasn't meant to be this way...:)

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