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UK v. HK …. 0-1

Thats it for now….. Yes, its a short and sweet post.

seriously have zero time to scratch my arse (a favourite pastime while sipping a Cosmo & watching gay tennis) let alone write or drink my morning vodka.

I’m not going to lie….its shit here.

For those of you living it up in HK (lucky gits) ….. stay and refuse to move, even if you, or the Ball sack & chain gets a HUGE crappy promotion.

I will post a proper. and no doubt, fucking brilliant update next week.

* Apologies to all for my delayed response on emails and comments.  I WILL write back to some of you (the ones I like obv).  I’m just finding the lack of staff, annoying intrusion of family, high taxes, Chavs and, of course, the unbelievably shit weather, a little distracting.

Especially now I’ve only the one helper and no driver.