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Back in the UK

Hence no blogs as my fingers are soooo cold, they don’t actually function. I promise to post soon…. once I regain feeling in my hands….and brain. And accept that MAYBE we moved back to London…. yes, after ALL my complaints about Hong Kong, I’m now back in the land of Chavs, cold weather (car thermo read 2 degrees this morning…. bastard), and Help is “frowned upon”.  What an arsehole.

Anyhowsle…. wintery menus soon to follow….

Photo below taken in 1973…. The Captain just joined the 40 year old crew… and looks more sexy than ever. Why O why do men look better and we look like a wrinkled “immigrant crack whore” (Captains words last night to lure me into bed).  God…if there is truly one…. is definitely an Android.