Potty training…yes…still


SO lately I’ve had yet another mild case of “writers block” which generally involves me (a) writing sod all, and therefore, (b) turning to my beloved white wine for some inspiration/commiseration.  Turns out, its not actually writers block per se, but more “I-have-no-energy-because-the-childen-are-sucking-the-life out-of-me-block”.

The last few updates involved the joys of potty training twins. Well….judging from the very real photo above taken of a fresh shit one of our kids did in our lounge….i’ll say its not going too badly.

The Captain however needs a bit more training on the whole “potty thing”.  For example, he needs to believe the kids when they say they have to go use the potty…. which is how the above accident happened.

The conversation went something like this:-

Twin A, “Daddy, I need the potty”.

The Captain, “Are you sure… or, are you playing around again?” 

Twin A’s response to Daddy’s question … “No, Daddy I need potty”.

The Captain, “Are you really, really sure?”

Twin A, “Right then, I’ll just do a big shit on the floor instead.  Maybe he’ll believe me next time”.  Hence, Exhibit A above.

Along with all the above crap, I’ve now come down with a bad cold/exhaustion.

My last words on the matter.  Potty training sucks arse.  Deal with it Mums and Dads… well… unless they stay-at-home… they just dont get the pain/mess we go through.


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Rock n Roll meets Martha Stewart (pre prison) ...on Red Bull. I am, actually, an easy going, happy girl, with 3 children, hugely educated, hugely unaffected, no malice towards my past life (I grew up in a very different household), not comfortable in religious groups (modern, reform, or otherwise), and yet still....still (!!!?0 a believer). One day, I'll finally meet someone.... open, sweet, sensual, attractive, and loving (they must love my entire crew. first. Then, me. Im a Mum, plus 3 ....) I'm a package and then some... the "then some" are non negotiable. and also amazing. Me? I'm actually already disillusioned. My life wasn't meant to be this way...:)

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