Pregnant in Hong Kong

So… I have to admit…. I’m an angry person when pregnant (this time round).  Maybe the IVF kept my hormones at bay last time.  Maybe I was just happy to have finally fallen pregnant?  Who cares?  I just feel horrendous this time round & I’m making the whole world pay for it.  Bothered? Not really.  That’s the kinda mood I’m in.  People should be lucky I can’t drink as I’d be a fucking nightmare right now.

So in light of my “with child status” am I experiencing anything new in HK?  Nope. In fact, I’m sooo pissed off at the moment, all I can think about is London.  Funny isn’t it?  I know, people get “Island Fever” and have their highs and lows with Hong Kong… & so yes, I’m having a low point.  I’ve not seen anyone the last couple of weeks (which for someone with 2 kids, aside from playgroups with strangers…I think is essential to your sanity), I’m angry with people I know here (dunno know…I just am) and I’m now looking for a 2nd Helper to, well “Help”, in the house.  Would I have got this kinda help in the UK? Of course fucking not!!! Does this make me any nicer a person?  No.

Why?  I’m finding there is no real substance to the friendships I’ve made here (I guess having a history with people at home is different), and plus, I’m feeling like I’m hard work (I’m not really).  I’m a great, loyal friend but in essence, I’m your party girl.  I hate doing mundane bullshit and I HATE shopping, so I’m struck off many a “girls shopping trip”.  They actually have facebook groups dedicated to this in HK.  Wierdos.  I like people I can call up last minute, have a chat to and basically relax with a drink.  As I cant do this (due to my impending 3rd child), I am fucking torn with being here right now.  I realise the substance of most of my friendships (not all, don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some very good friends too), but the ones you think you can count on, are the ones you always end up with at 4am, looking for a drug dealer and not speaking to for weeks on end after.

Is it all to do with my pregnancy?  Probably but I don’t care.  I’m dangerous like that though.  I cut off from people very easily and don’t feel one shred of blood doing it.  Nancy Kissel & I could have been great friends (joke).

Soooo… my mindset at the mo?  I have to apologise as I’ve been getting emails from readers asking what hell is going on with my writing at the moment…  The truth?  I really truly can’t be fucked right now.  And, feeling quite alone (can people even say that out loud in this day ‘n age?) here, I am fed up & cannot be arsed with anything.  I keep getting invited to shit that I would NEVER EVER do in the UK and the girls in my apartment block want to throw me a “baby shower”. OH LUCKY FUCKING ME.  A BABY SHOWER?!  Someone stab me now. I explained, very gently that (a) no baby shower until this kid arrives healthy therefore I can actually have a drink, and, (b) NO FUCKING BABY SHOWER!  Its not a party unless I can get drunk/dance on tables/get arrested & The Captain turns up to collect me grim faced & angry (hence angry crazy monkey sex will usually follow).  As this wont be happening until February 2012… I’m gonna be a right bitch until then (& I guess, pretty lonely).  BUT I still have to attend these stupid things.  I’m too old for this shit. I want my old life back.

Fed up? Damn right I am.  Can I moan to a single person here?  Aside from one, or two, not really.  That makes me feel pretty alone (yes, its my fault for being sooo cut off & a bitch…shoot me)  If I was at home right now, I would have a WHOLE support network who have known me forever (therefore forgive my flaws/alcoholic tendencies) & who are, well, just like me … normal (ish).

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