Is blogging ruining your life?

So girls…. here’s the scoop.

It turns out The Captain aint all that happy I’m blogging away about stuff he considers personal, despite him sharing 90% of our lives with all n sundry, every bloody day (whether in the UK or Hong Kong).

I recall a complete stranger in Hong Kong asking me, when I first arrived “how are you getting on, as I’ve heard you’ve found it VERY hard to settle in?”  ie. You’re a piss head, pull your crap together.   FUCK OFF?!   So did you luv, and if you say you didn’t (which it turns out she didn’t/still doesn’t), then you’re lying through your bleached, capped teeth.  On a separate note,  I’m trying to find a good Dentist so please keep those emails coming gals…. I’m still finding out how to scratch my arse, while cooking dinner, giving the old Captain a spanking from time to time (conservative stylie, but minus any oranges or plastic bags over the head) doing mind boring play-groups with the Twins including a cult-like Music class, Yoga, cooking classes, drinking, calling home still crying, prostituting myself at the airport for free flights, and STILL meeting new people.

How have some of you found all of this blogging business?  Aside from writing late at night when the whole house is asleep, or when the Twins sleep in the afternoon…. this has not become some all-encompassing/narcissistic bull-shit thing I’m doing.  I GENUINELY enjoy writing.  As my best friend recently told me, “this is what you should have always done”.  If I had been a lesbian, I would have married that girl right away …. whether she was or wasn’t looking for the lesbo lovin’ I had on offer!

Rich or poor, I would have loved this profession over any other and this is truly what has saved me from deep homesickness in Hong Kong.  I can express my thoughts, without people knowing who I am.  Until recently, when things went tits up and my cover (& therefore, in my mind, my whole life…) went up in flames.  The Captain also appears a little envious of the amount of time I spend away from him (even though he’s usually ASLEEP), to do what I love (not watching porn..writing).

I have been reading some fab blogs out there by strong, fucking busy, Mums and I’m thinking “If they can bloody do it, with their husbands full support…. then so can I!?”

ps.  I’m in a Bar in Bali and have borrowed the Hotels laptop. I feel like some sort of Crack user, hiding away, typing (& drinking, of course) while the hubby showers and the kids are asleep.  But…. its great to feel some real fire in my bones!!   I also always love a good fight when it comes to what I believe in…. although…. if I don’t give a shit, I’m pretty useless & not someone you want on your team.  I’m great at pretend violence though ie. Screaming, throwing and aiming at things I can’t hurt.

pps. Do you remain anonymous when blogging about things like this??

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About YYTM

A (40++) Punk “wannabe”. London born/bred, parent of 3 children under 18 (twins included). Divorced. A great cook. Shockingly argumentative after 8pm on a Monday evening...

4 responses to “Is blogging ruining your life?”

  1. Parental Parody says :

    Love it. And if The Captain tries to convince you to stop, I will prostitute myself out to pay you to keep going, so it is deemed an honest living, a worthy job etc. etc. blah blah blah.

    It’s my personal therapy. Don’t think the ones who go to work (predominantly the Hubbies, but I know a few that are the opposite, and this still applies) actually realise how stressful and brain-killingly boring being a stay at home parent can be. Full of love and joy and awesomeness, yeah sure – but also the most inane job on the planet for an adult.

    Guarantee my #1 Hubby would not want me to launch on him either blind pissed, psychotic, emotional, nervous breakdownish – or any combination of all of these – as I likely would if I didn’t have any outlet during the day for the many WTF!?!? moments.

    The writing thing – always been a dream of mine too. I figure that, while I love staying at home with the feral but lovely kids, I am also exercising my brain power and doing something that interests me. And it isn’t costing a cent. I could be at the casino, shopping, drinking even more than I already do. But I’m not. Not often.

    Bali…my god. My second home. Have at least a dozen Mojito’s for me. Followed by the biggest pitcher of Sangria they can find.

    Must try Potato Head if you’re out for dinner or drinks sans twins.

    • fruitlessbloom says :

      Hello girl crush of-mine-in a not-so-lesbo way. Im drinking a Mojito as I write and am heading off to some uber trendy “Ku De Tah” place (not very sure of the logisitics) with heavy security this evening, minus the Twins for some up/down “adult/arguing” time with The Captain. The Captain’s also asked me not to “knock back too many $50 dollar Cosmo’s” (thats like a red rag to a bull in my mind usually), so I’m now on the Mojito’s following your email…. bloody lovely. I’m also tutting away at families making too much noise while I write. Its always soo easy to judge others…despite my Son screaming, like he was being tortured, for the ENTIRE flight from Hong Kong to Bali. Even his own Grandma wanted to throw him off the plane…. its a good thing I’d taken a Valium before the flight (everyone remarked how calm I was… yeh right). I’ll be trying this “Potato Head” place you mention… as long as theres no kids involved. ps. next time youre off to Bali, drop me a line. We may be there the same time…. in which case, the Police better be ready for some show-off/drink-offs to occur!

  2. Nush says :

    See I absolutely love your blog! I’m not a mother and I’m not living in a country I’m not used to, but your blog is highly entertaining. You say it how it is! Everyone needs to vent and you can’t be faulted for doing so.

    Ok so you’ve recently had your identity revealed. Big deal. The blog is still helping you cope! Sometimes as women we easily give up on the things we love and enjoy for the men in our life in the hope that they will still love us, to keep them happy and to do right by them. But when it comes to men making sacrifices for us it rarely happens… Men do not understand that the small things matter. The blog is your small thing that means a great deal.

    You have a real talent, I don’t think you should give it up. But that choice is up to you

    • fruitlessbloom says :

      Thank you for the fab review and I totally appreciate your comments. You have now opened Pandoras Box as I was starting to feel a little, deflated by the whole “why do you need to write?” business the Captain was throwing my way. I’ve just handed him the infamous book (in my mind anyhow) called “Never Enough” about the couple who move to Hong Kong from the US, and the wife kills the hubby after a sordid affair/drugs/anal sex debacle…. the usual. I think this scared The Captain a little … job done for the time being 😉

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