Where can I buy minced lamb in Hong Kong?

Does anyone know where I can purchase minced lamb? They have minced pork, beef and chicken but NO lamb anywhere and the butchers at Taste Supermarket in Stanley dont seem to happy about mincing anything!  Any suggestions?  Would Ap Lei Chau’s Pacific Gourmet have it?  Please let me know!!

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A (40++) Punk “wannabe”. London born/bred, parent of 3 children under 18 (twins included). Divorced. A great cook. Shockingly argumentative after 8pm on a Monday evening...

5 responses to “Where can I buy minced lamb in Hong Kong?”

  1. Erin says :

    I buy my minced lamb from Great supermarket at Pacific Place.

  2. Anonymous says :

    You can get lamb minand organic lamb mince from Australia or NZ through South Stream Seafoods online store .
    Go to http://www.south-stream-seafoods.com . There’s a section especially for babies.They deliver 2 days a week all over HK .Free delivery for $500

  3. fruitlessbloom says :

    I bought Minced Lamb at Pacific Gourmet in Ap Lei Chau. Made some lovely lamb & apricot meatballs. Recipe to follow in due course…. apologies, I’ve been super busy recently and have barely had time to drink a bottle of my daily white wine.

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