Kids food… twins now 13 months

If like my twins, yours are having trouble swallowing anything bigger than a grain of salt, try the following recipe…

Pumpkin pureed with carrots, mix in multigrain organic cereal (about 3 tbsp for twins), pureed apple (approx 3 tbsp), organic full fat milk (2 tbsp) and a sprinkling of full fat organic grated cheese.  Tastes sweet and they shovel it down!

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2 responses to “Kids food… twins now 13 months”

  1. Hk housewife says :

    Ive tried it & it worked well on the kids. any others you can recommend as my 2 are nearly 11 months and wont eat anything unless it been pureed!

  2. golf tees wholesale says :

    I enjoy reading the content on your site. Keep up the good work.

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