Making friends, joining Mummy coffee mornings…zzzz

You have to do it so suck it up and get involved.  Yes its shit but God is clearly a bloke. Deal with it. If you’re a Mum (in my case of Twins), you have to meet others like yourself or you will go fucking insane.  See the link to Mothers of Multiples Organization (MoMs) in HK (their link is attached to my Blogroll on the right hand side of this article).  This is a very lovely group of women with a shit loada kids between us and who are all actually very kind and friendly.  I would recommend joining up if you are new to HK and have a bun (or two, three, four etc) in the oven, or just need some new friends in a new place.  I used to be with the Twins Club in NW London and they were brilliant for 2nd hand items (clothes, car seats, spare buggy for holidays). They were also very very helpful when I was moving to HK in loaning me furniture while mine was being shipped over …. I mean, no one, other than those Mums with two or more babies, can loan you two of everything in one go!

I discovered on arriving in HK, that it can be a very lonely place if you don’t get involved. I’m notorious for being a lazy git and having to suddenly get out and meet new people when I’ve ony had a few hours sleep the night before (usually running to/fro from my bed to the nursery with a headlight attached to my skull like a Chilean Miner), is fucking hard-core.

Men go to work but at least they can switch off in the evening after playing with the kids for a few minutes (ok, usually more…. I’m now just being a bitch to The Captain and he’s actually very good with Itchy and Scratchy).  And before any of you Dads jump onto the band wagon, yes, we know you change nappies now and make up feeds, I’m just stating an obvious fact, us Mums do need to get out more and breathe a little. When you have Twins (or more!), your whole world is consumed by the children until they are at least able to hold their bottles. I’m desperate to get them feeding themselves before they are 18 months old, if only so I can sit down and enjoy my cocktails instead of knocking them back in a hip flask (a fab secret santa gift at work circa 2 years ago) which is now my most valuable possession (aside from the kids of course) …. well, that and the Octopus card (like the Oyster in the UK but WAAAAAY more efficient and you can use it at the 7 Eleven to buy Silver Rizlas …. genius).

Playgroups (the Devils work if you ask me), nurseries, Pilates & Yoga, coffee mornings, random drinks with girls you’ve just befriended, have all been tried and tested by me. My faves so far are 1) Pilates 2) Drinking 3) errrr….Pilates?! 4) Drinks out with the girls.

It’s very simple. Just get out and mingle!  You will meet some like-minded people in the wierdest of places.  Ive met Mums in the Doctors surgery (Im very private & HATE being approached…especially by a woman holding 2 screaming kids that resemble my own), the Supermarket (Taste in Stanley) is now like a pick-up hangout for new ex-pat Mums desperate for conversation.  If someone comes up to you while you are scanning the Baby Yogurt and says “Excuse me, do you know if they sell Aptamil here?” You’ve pulled luv!   She’s basically saying “Im new here and have a baby and see that your trolley is bulging at the seams with 100000’s of Pampers and Baby wipes and can we be best friends, even if your hair is a little unkempt and you’re wearing different coloured Uggs?” I usually oblige and offer my hip flask……. If they have more than 2 children, I’ll throw in a mixer and my mobile phone number out of sympathy.

Oohhh…. and do some bloody exercise if you want to shift/tone that post baby body. My belly still resembles an 80-year-old womans after its been stretched beyond recognition (and I’m so fucking vain I actually sleep in my Spanx hoping something will ping back into shape overnight….although, be warned, it can cause tummy aches after long periods of wear).  Bloody lovely.

Well, its exercise or Sex, your choice.  I know which one The Captain prefers…..

Yep, God is definitely a man.   And he is laughing his arse off right now.

**NB. This is a new site and amendments are being made to each page daily.  Apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical mistakes noted.

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