Hello world! My First Month….



Ok, I’ve unpacked (again….I’ve moved home THREE times in the last 6 years).

I’ve got drunk.

I’ve cried.

I’ve got drunk. Yes, again & don’t you dare judge me on that one.

Ive screamed at my Husband (AKA “The Captain”) for moving us all here into the unknown.  Even though we had no job to go to in London….and yes, he pointed this out along with a few responsible things I need to bear in mind, but still.

Ive got drunk. Yes, again. I was bored.

The twins are now cooking & pureeing their own meals and reciting French Poetry (well my Daughter is anyhow, my Son is still eating his feet and licking windows).

I WANT TO GO HOME.  So… I call everyone I know in the UK, begging them to either move here, or crying that I miss them.

Not a good month.

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About Fruitlessbloom

A food loving, punk wannabe, divorced, single parent champion of 3 young children. An ex(ex) pat, ex-wife, ex-lawyer and (currently) ex-hausted.

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