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Cooking cooking cooking….. I love to cook!

** Kindly note that I’m still working on this post so apologies for the lack of any recipes. I’m not trying to make a statement by leaving it blank. Although in hindsight, if you can’t (or wont) cook, this will bore you shitless ….

Twins meals:

You will need the following items before attempting to feed or wean your twins-

  1. Two stable high chairs (I have the Stokke ones which the kids will apparently grow into).
  2. Two harnesses of some kind to keep them strapped in otherwise your kids WILL try to jump out of their high chairs (mine do this all the time to scare the shit out of me).
  3. One spoon. Twins share germs. Fact. Unless one has conjunctivitis, let them share the same spoon, UNLESS, they are attempting to feed themselves in which case, i have got those spoons that stick to the table or kitchen counter (otherwise they will have you picking up their spoon every few seconds, just for a laugh).
  4. One bowl of shared food. I will begin posting recipes I have used & created, the moment I can type, cook, change nappies and give The Captain a blow job …. all at the same time (yes, I’m Super Woman…… trapped in a wimpering womans body).
  5. Get everything that you will need ready ahead of time (I have told our Helper to always be 10 minutes ahead of herself ie. Meals, baths, change of clothes… run run run!).  Mealtime will go much quicker if you don’t have to get up from your chair over and over again. Place both babies in high chairs side-by-side with bibs on (plastic ones that have food catchers are very useful and easy to clean).  Take turns giving each baby a bite of food, going back and forth between the children. I have found with my twins that they often get impatient waiting for their sibling to be fed. It helps to just keep going one bite after another back and forth, without taking any breaks.  My Daughter will pull away when she has had enough, whereas my Son, has no idea when he’s full…. well its that or we are dealing with a very soon-to-be obese child.
  6. I find it helpful to have a damp warm hand towel or Muslin ready to wipe the kids faces and hands.  I have also started putting a plastic tablecloth on the floor before meal times as I want the kids to learn to feed themselves. This is FUCKING messy though, so be prepared!  When they do manage to eat something themselves, I think I have literally wet myself and then run off to get the Flip Video so The Captain doesn’t miss a moment.
  7. Remember to laugh and sing throughout. Everything in our house (yes, seriously…. or maybe Mummy’s had one too many?!), is a song. Even the Captain finds himself singing Were going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky… Little Einsteins …”

**NB. This is a new site and amendments are being made to each page daily.  Apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical mistakes noted.

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